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Will prolly be rebooting the series in a more exciting and suspensful way... so be on the lookout!!!

bad news

2010-11-11 01:05:23 by devinsimmons92

Sasuke series is most likely over, wish i could've continued but im moving and things are complicated...

Sasuke Series

2010-09-23 12:27:46 by devinsimmons92

Episode 3 in the works

New Sasuke Series

2010-09-21 13:48:57 by devinsimmons92

The first episode is now under judgment so go check it out!!!

Sasuke Series

2010-09-12 20:29:41 by devinsimmons92

comming out wit new mixed anime sasuke series soon... starting on in tommorow

New Flash Work?

2008-09-28 11:37:56 by devinsimmons92

i MAY be comming out with a new flash yea....!!!